PortMate web app is an information source for boaters and small port managers who wish to know more about boating safety and resource efficiency and green values of the small ports. offers boaters practical guidance on how to sail safely. For small port managers there is information on how to develop their port to be more safe and resource efficient. Material related to the themes of boating safety and resource efficiency of small ports can be found under Safety and Resource efficiency.

NOTE: The maps used in the web app are not suitable for proper navigation. 

If you wish to add your small port/harbour/marina on the site please contact is free to use. Please note that the can only include ports with a fairway of at least two meters of depth (funding requirement).

Publication information
Portmate: Safe and Green Small Ports - web app tool
ISSN 2342-0030                       
ISBN 978-951-633-298-0        
SAMK Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
Series D, Other publications, 4/2019
Heikkinen Teemu, Lanzanova Alberto, Koivisto Heikki, Olsson-Narving Marita, Svensson Agneta, Villanen Irene, Lundström Kennet, Hård Sari, Keinänen-Toivola Minna.

About PortMate project
PortMate web app i.e. has been developed under the EU funded Central Baltic PortMate project (11/2016-12/2019). The site serves as a platform for all content related to boating safety and small port resource efficiency and other content produced in the PortMate project.

For more general information about the PortMate project, please visit the project website at

Below you can find links to the introduction videos of the PortMate pilot small ports in Finland, Sweden and Åland as well as leaflets and newsletters published during the project.